Top 25 Mompreneur Business Ideas for 2018 & Beyond

A “mompreneur” is a woman who takes on two jobs — one as a mother and the other as a business owner. The list of successful mompreneurs is long and growing and consists of both full-time entrepreneurs as well as mothers with side businesses. We spoke with leading mompreneurs and other pros to figure out the best businesses to start as a mompreneur.

Here are the 25 best business ideas for moms, as suggested by the pros:

Kimberly Greene-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

1. Make Money Using Apps

Kimberly Greene, Head of Communications, Intuit QuickBooks Self-Employed

Technology can help organize your finances (like Intuit QuickBooks Self-Employed does), and it can even help you make money. For example, if you’re a contractor, using the Task Rabbit app can help you find nearby gigs. If you have a family dog that you take on daily walks, you can make money by using apps like Wag. These examples are also a terrific way to meet new people while making money.

Sharlrita Deloatch-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

2. Start a Consulting Business

Sharlrita Deloatch, CEO, Sharlrita Speaks

If you’re a professional who wants to start working from home so you can have more time with your children, then starting a consulting business is one way to go. Use your profession and education to choose what type of consulting you can do. For instance, if you’re a CPA, then you can start selling your services as a freelance CPA and only meet with your clients once in a while.

Meg Brunson-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

3. Become a Mom Blogger

Meg Brunson, Founder & CEO, EIEIO Marketing

One way to build a business as a mommy is to become a digital influencer (also known as a mom blogger). You can blog about anything like family-friendly businesses, write reviews for kid-friendly products and services or your fitness regimen. This can be monetized through selling advertisements and requesting payment for writing your reviews.

For more information, read our article on how to start and market a blog.

Marion Wagner-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

4. Develop Your Own Amazon Marketplace Business

Marion Wagner, Owner, Marion Wagner Consulting

One fantastic business idea for moms, both stay-at-home and working, is to develop your own Amazon Marketplace business. It’s very simple and easy to get started because you can see many online tutorials. Also, you can choose your products and branding, and the initial investment is variable and may be very low.

For additional information, you can read our ultimate guide on how to sell on Amazon.

Danielle Butler-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

5. Start an Online Recruitment Business

E. Danielle Butler, Published Author,

Stay-at-home moms can earn money from working with online recruiting agencies where you’ll be paid referral fees for every successful recruitment. You can also launch your own recruitment business by directly reaching out to companies that need to hire employees. Start small, and then grow your empire once you have learned the ropes of online recruitment.

Fabienne Raphaël-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

6. Become an Online Coach

Fabienne Raphaël, Online Business Strategist, Marketing to Crush Your Competitors

A great idea as a side hustle or a work from home occupation is a service-based business through coaching. Everything is virtual — meetings can be via Skype or Zoom. We all have something that we do better than anyone else, and the beauty of it is that we can get paid for it. It is a matter of finding what problem you can solve for a specific segment of the market, and make sure that these people are already actively looking for the solution you provide. What is great about this kind of business is that the starting investment is low. Plus, you can manage your time and work only when you want to.

Beth Stultz-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

7. Start a Professional Pet-sitting Service

Beth Stultz, VP – Marketing & Operations, Pet Sitters International

Starting a professional pet-sitting service is an ideal career choice for moms and kids who love pets. A pet-sitting service is a type of business that has low startup costs and offers flexible scheduling. This is a superb way to pursue your passion for pets while making a profitable living.

Debra Cohen-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

8. Launch a Contractor Referral Service

Debra Cohen, Founder, Homeowner Referral Network

There is a demand for finding reliable home improvement contractors, and this is a business opportunity you can address. You can start a home-based contractor referral service that connects homeowners with prescreened, reliable home improvement professionals like painters, plumbers, carpenters and electricians. Contractors will then pay you a prenegotiated commission on work secured and you can keep your service free for the homeowners.

-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

9. Start a Virtual Freelancing Business

Micala Quinn, Owner, Live Free Mama & Micala Quinn LLC

One of the best businesses moms can launch from home as a side hustle is an online, service-based freelance business. You can start as a virtual assistant offering services such as social media management or Amazon store management. Freelancing allows moms to work a flexible schedule and earn a full-time income in part-time hours.

Check out our guide on how to become a full-time freelancer for more information.

Vanessa Kromer-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

10. Sell Fashion Items

Vanessa Kromer, Business Coach for Women,

Direct sales and network marketing is one great opportunity for moms who want to become entrepreneurs. One of the best options is to sell fashion items like jewelry and clothes. Moms definitely have a network of female friends and neighbors who are interested in fashion and accessories, making these items easier to market and sell.

Tasha Holland-Kornegay-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

11. Run a Gourmet Cotton Candy Stand

Tasha Holland-Kornegay, Owner, Oscar William Gourmet Cotton Candy

Running a gourmet cotton candy business is a fun and exciting way to earn income. You can put up a cotton candy stand in your child’s school, or you can do a mobile cotton candy business that caters to events and parties. You can even ask your kids to help you out whenever they’re available.

Denise Angus-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

 12. Sell Cosmetic Products

Denise Angus, Presenter, Younique

Women love beauty products. If you’re a mom looking for a side hustle on top of your regular job or something to earn money from while taking care of the kids, selling beauty products is a good idea. You can work as few or as many hours that fit your goal and lifestyle. You can join one of the many direct selling business options that specialize in cosmetic products.

For more information, you can read our ultimate guide on how to sell private label cosmetics.

Heidi McBain-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

13. Share Your Skills Through Teaching

Heidi McBain, Professional Counseling for Women,

As a mom, you surely have special skills and hobbies that you love. Find out what your special talents and passion are, share them with others and earn. For instance, if you are a good singer, share your singing skills and offer singing lessons to kids. If you are good at dancing, you can launch a special dancing class every weekend in your yard. Invite your children’s classmates and your neighbors to become your first students.

Beth Ball-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

14. Do Online Content Writing

Beth Ball, Principal and Director of Content, Evergreen Content Firm

Nowadays, online content writing has become a popular side hustle. If you can write, you can earn money by writing content for different websites online. This is a great way to earn extra income while taking care of the kids, even if you have a regular 9 to 5 job.

Dana Rankin-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

15. Sell Skin Care & Bath Products

Dana Rankin, CEO & Founder, Dana’s Bath and Body

One way to earn income while being a full-time mom is through selling ready-to-use items such as skin-care and bath products. These types of products are easy to sell, especially for moms because they have a network of interested buyers, such as other moms, their female friends and neighbors.

Jamie Moriarty-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

16. Be an Independent Energy Consultant

Jamie Moriarty, Founder, 326energy

An energy consultant is an independent salesperson that helps businesses convert their source of electricity to competitive retail energy suppliers to save money. Energy consultants can earn sizable commissions per deal while helping business switch their energy to competitive energy suppliers. It only requires a few hours a day and stay-at-home moms can do this while watching over the kids.

Leslie Fischer-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

17. Offer Tutoring Services

Leslie Fischer, Founder, Sustainable Slumber

One great option to earn income for stay-at-home moms is to offer tutoring services. This is especially great if you live in a neighborhood with many schoolchildren. If you’re skilled in certain areas, or if you’re a former educator, this is a great side hustle to consider. You’ll be helping other people’s kids, you can do it in your own place and you can even do it while helping your own children with their homework.

Caroline Bramley-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

18. Consider Starting a Dress Alterations Business

Caroline Bramley, Director, Caroline Bramley Designs

A dress alterations business is easy to set up with very little outlay. All you need are some basic sewing skills, a good sewing machine and an iron and ironing board. You can market your shop by printing leaflets and distributing them around your neighborhood. You’ll be surprised by how big is the market demand for dress alterations.

Stef Katz-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

19. Start a Home-based Independent Travel Agency

Stef Katz, Owner, The Travel Superhero

A great business opportunity for moms is to become a home-based travel agent. If you have the money to invest, you can start a home-based travel agency franchise. You can also do this as an independent travel agent specializing in family travels. You earn commission for every travel booked successfully.

Darby Morris-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

20. Be a Childbirth Educator

Darby Morris, Owner and Founder, Sweetbay Doula

Stay-at-home moms can start a childbirth education business and share their experience and knowledge about pregnancy, labor, delivery and early child care to first-time moms. You can attend courses and workshops about childbirth education so you’ll have an idea about what to teach. The best thing about this business is that you can bring your young children along with you.

RaShea Drake-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

21. Launch a Photography Service Business

RaShea Drake, B2B Analyst, Verizon Business

If you are a creative mom and have photography skills, you can start a photography service business. Photography isn’t easy, but it is something where you can choose your own schedule. You won’t need to have your own studio as most photography services these days are done outdoors. This is a wonderful side hustle where you can earn and enjoy at the same time.

Dana E. Baker-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

22. Start an Interior Design Company

Dana E. Baker, Writer and Coach, Parenting in Real Life

Interior designing is perfect for a gig economy. You can do it yourself or even get a few women together and start a design company where you pull in who you need — a bathroom expert, a kitchen modeler, an engineer, a designer, an architect, etc. Pull in from this virtual world who you need, what you need, and when you need them.

Beth Worthy-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

23. Become a Certified Transcriptionist

Beth Worthy, Director of Operations, GMR Transcription

One of the most promising side-hustle options for stay-at-home moms is to become a certified transcriptionist. As a certified transcriptionist, you can work from your personal computer, receive audio files online and then transcribe them into text format. It offers flexible hours, allows you to stop when necessary and does not require a technical background.

Mompreneur Advice-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

24. Start a Welcome Service Business

Mompreneur Advice Staff, Mompreneur Advice

This business is a great opportunity for mompreneurs who live in highly sought-after places to live. According to Mompreneur Advice, you could be the first point of contact for someone relocating in your area that needs help with certain things such as finding a dry-cleaning service, lawyer, contractor or plumber. You could make a profit by receiving a commission from the service providers for your referrals.

Fit Small Business-Mompreneur-Tips from Pros

25. Sell Handmade Products on Etsy

If you’re a creative mom and love to do arts and crafts, you can turn your hobby into an income-generating business. Fundera suggests that creative mommies should sell their handmade products as events giveaways or gifts during special occasions. Whether you have the talent for creating accessories or potteries, you can make money by selling your products to your neighbors or through online platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, and eBay.

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