Newspaper Delivery Service

Newspaper Delivery Service

Start-up cost: $1,000–$5,000
Potential earnings: $10,000 or more
Typical fees: Usually a fl at rate of $150–$300 per week, depending on
  size of delivery area
Advertising: Cold-calling
Qualifi cations: Stick-to-itiveness
Equipment needed: Van, canvas bags
Staff required: Yes
Hidden costs: Vehicle maintenance, fuel

What You Do

You will be providing newspaper delivery on a subcontracting basis within a specifi c geographic area. With morning newspapers being the norm in many localities, it has become more difficult for newspaper publishers to fi nd reliable delivery people. It is very difficult for the preteens who used to fulfi ll this role to get up way before dawn, deliver papers, and still get through a full day of school. You take over, delivering one or more routes yourself and hiring a crew to complete the rest.

What You Need

You may need a van to pick up bundles of newspapers and to drop them off at your assistants’ routes, but you could get by with just about $1,000 start-up expense if you already have one. For a part-time job, $10,000 a year to start is easy money.

Keys to Success

This is another American classic: a job that depends on hard work (and an excel-lent alarm clock) rather than on education, social position, or good luck. You’ll probably need to have others working with you to earn an adequate return on your efforts, and managing others always requires thought and effort. There’s no glamour to the job of delivering newspapers, but it’s good, honest work, and you’ll get plenty of exercise.




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