Silk Flower Arranger

 Silk Flower Arranger

Start-up cost: $500–$1,000
Potential earnings: $20,000–$40,000
Typical fees: $25–$300
Advertising: Yellow Pages, newspapers, bridal salons, restaurants
Qualifi cations: Some training with fl ower arranging, creativity
Equipment needed: Phone, fl oral accessories (vases, baskets, fl oral tape, access
  to a wide variety of silk fl owers)
Staff required: No
Hidden costs: Materials

What You Do

There’s nothing in the world like fresh flowers, but they only last a short while. That is why silk flowers are the mainstays of interior decorating. All you have to do is dust them every once in a while and they retain their beauty forever. You’ll always have plenty of customers if you choose to work in this field, from brides who don’t want to worry about wilting flowers to mourners who want to give the bereaved family a lasting token of their remembrance. You’ll work many hours in your office, putting together the arrangements that have been ordered by your customers. The only problem is that you’ll have to work hard to get customers, since there are plenty of others in this business. Think about what makes you different, and let your customers know exactly what your unique marketing point is. Finally, network with funeral homes, churches, and wedding shops for cross-marketing opportunities.

What You Need

Obtain a vendor’s license (approximately $25) and buy your supplies at a wholesale store. Check with local craft stores to see if they offer additional discounts if you have a vendor’s license. When starting the business, invest a few hundred dollars in floral supplies and silk flowers so you can make arrangements to sell at craft shows. Also, set aside money for booth space rental ($25–$100). Your products will sell anywhere from $25–$300.

Keys to Success

Gain experience by working with florists or taking classes at craft stores. Once you have some knowledge of floral arranging, sign up to sell your goods at holiday craft fairs. Always have plenty of business cards/brochures to accompany each sale, and keep an album with pictures of your work to show potential clients.




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