Small Business Consultant

Small Business Consultant

Start-up cost: $5,000–$15,000
Potential earnings: $50,000–$150,000
Typical fees: $900–$2,000 per day
Advertising: Word of mouth, presentations made to business groups,
  audio-visual materials, professional organizations, Web site
  with tips for small business owners
Qualifi cations: Experience and expertise in marketing, management sense,
  communication skills, research and planning ability

Equipment needed: Office furniture, computer with Internet access, suite software, printer, fax, business cards, letterhead, envelopes

Staff required:  No

Hidden costs: Make sure you get paid ASAP, as many of your clients who launch small businesses have little money to begin with

What You Do

As a small business consultant, you are the one with the knowledge and expertise to assess and solve many of the difficulties facing today’s small businesses. Between complying with growing government regulations, integrating new technologies, and competing in a tightening economy, most small businesses are looking for consultants who have proved their ability to solve problems. This position offers variety, challenge, and respect.

What You Need

A sizable time investment and at least $5,000 are necessary to identify and approach your clients. Do research, send letters, and do lunch. Build a Web site that is well visited because of the great information it offers small business owners. Look for ways to add more value to your services by partnering with related busi-nesses. If you work at it, you should make at least $50,000 your fi rst year.

Keys to Success

You must know what you are talking about at all times. While you are selling your experience, companies are buying concrete solutions to their problems. Be able to apply your skills to your own business as well as to your clients’.


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